If anyone is wondering what they could get me for Christmas = Kahlúa. Loads of it.

I also need some new gloves.

But mostly Kahlúa. 

Thursday Nov 11 @ 04:19pm

All my tutorials today were basically me going “well no, technically I haven’t actually done any work, but I have thought about all the work I could do, and it’s the thought that counts”, I’m such a good student.

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 06:28pm

I don’t normally like doing the “I had a dream last night where” bit because no-one cares but this was awesome and its my blog so, yeah, I had an amazing dream last night (which I think was a little influenced by this weeks doctor who) where the world was being attacked by aliens (I never saw them though) and this team of spies and the Queen turned up to talk to me and some people that I knew (but didn’t really know because I can’t remember who it was, I think Dave was there though) got to be spies with them and we were just running round London and I was chatting to the queen and she was telling me about this time she worked in a shop but it was when she was younger so no-one recognised her and she was really friendly and everyone else was really scared to talk to her but me and Liz became best friends and just ran around London laughing.

I can’t be bothered to go back and make that not the biggest run on sentence in the world. But it was an awesome dream. Why can’t I really be a spy and be friends with the queen? Life is so unfair :(

In other news my throat feels like its filled with knives and the idea of being in lectures all afternoon and then having to go run a radio station and then helping do photography with a load of freshers makes me want to just jump out my window right now. Except I’m on the ground floor so I’m not sure what that would actually achieve.

Monday Sep 9 @ 10:52am

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Sunday Sep 9 @ 10:42am

I got a new pair of shorts today. They’re exactly the same as a pair I used to own ages ago except not falling apart.

It’s pretty much the highlight of my week, which really says something about my life right now.

Monday Sep 9 @ 01:27pm

I think I might just move into the farmhouse next time there’s a holiday which makes it impossible for me to stay in Lincoln. I could get used to having no internet or phone signal, its sort of nice not having to deal with the outside world at all. And it’s amazing how much work I can get done when I have nothing to procrastinate with. Plus my Grandma drinks loads of tea and always has radio 4 on, its lovely. 

Friday Sep 9 @ 12:10am

As if the woman in tesco being all judgemental whilst checking my id last night wasn’t bad enough, now because I had one drink during the day everyone’s acting like I’m a raging alcoholic. Ugh, I miss uni.

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 06:56pm

I think if I have to be at ‘home’ much longer I’m definitely going to kill someone/everyone/myself.


Monday Sep 9 @ 02:12pm

I like how meeting Natalie for a late lunch turned into skipping lunch altogether and just drinking gin and tonics all afternoon. Now I’m tired and bored and far too drunk for the time of day. Such fun.

Sunday Sep 9 @ 07:45pm

basically living on a diet of apples, cigarettes and coffee right now.

I reckon this is what being a model would be like except without all the perks of actually being a model, like, you know, being attractive and shit.

Sunday Sep 9 @ 12:49pm

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