This was so cuteeee. I ship Nick and Jess so much already.

Ahh, the rest of the series needs to start now. I love this show so much.

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 05:11pm
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Guide to gaining followers in the Whovian fandom:


  • Ship Doctor/Rose
  • Ship Rory/Life
  • Ship ROES/Drugs
  • Ship Ten/Cookies
  • Ship Nine/bananas
  • Use the word Moffuck.
  • Spot the homoerotic subtext.
  • Pretend you understand what the fuck is going on by writing a legit-sounding theory.
  • Repeatedly mention how much you want to have sex with David Tennant.
  • Screencap whenever you see Matt Smith’s eyebrows.
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Moulin Rouge! (2001)

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True Doctor Who character profiles



A 900 year old handsome pervert who seeks out young children who he believes may grow into good looking women or men. He generally returns once they’re legal. He may entice then when they are younger with red bikes, speaking baby to them, or promise of seeing to their cracks.


A female machine who has had a crush on the above pervert for hundreds of years. She very much enjoys him inside of her. 

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Sunday Jul 7 @ 08:09pm

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